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Right of withdrawal

You can withdraw from the contract without specifying the reasons within a period of 14 days. Notice of withdrawal should be given in writing (e.g. by letter, fax or e-mail) or – in the event of delivery before expiry of the 14 days – by returning the goods delivered. The 14-day period begins upon receipt of these terms of withdrawal in writing, but not before receipt of the goods by the customer (in the event of recurring deliveries of similar products, not before arrival of the first part of an order) and also not before fulfilment of our duty of notification according to Article 246 Section 1 in conjunction with Section 2 paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Introductory Act to the German Civil Code. To withdraw within the specified term, notification of withdrawal should be sent or delivered products returned by the last day of said term (date of dispatch). Notice of withdrawal should be sent to:


Berliner Bärensiegel GmbH

Geschäftsführer: Thomas Langguth

Josef-Orlopp-Str. 72, 10365 Berlin


Fax: +49 (0) 30 – 555 040


Consequences of withdrawal:

 If the notification of withdrawal is valid, consignments/payments received by both parties and any benefits (e.g. interest) derived must be returned. If you are unable to return such consignments or benefits (e.g. due to use of the delivered item) either fully or in part, or can only return them in a depreciated condition, you must pay compensation equivalent to the loss incurred. Compensation for depreciation of an item’s value and for benefits derived is only payable if said benefits or depreciation can be ascribed to activities above and beyond the inspection of an item’s properties and ascertainment of its correct functioning. The “inspection of an item’s properties and ascertainment of its correct functioning” refer to the testing and sampling of the relevant item to the extent that would be usual and possible in a shop or store.

 Items suited to forwarding by parcel post should be returned at our risk. If the goods delivered are without defect and the price of the items being returned does not exceed Euro 40.00, or in the event of the price being higher you had not, at the time of withdrawal, effected payment or any agreed upon partial payment, then you must pay the regular forwarding costs for the return of items delivered. Aside from the above, the return of goods delivered is free of charge to you. Items that are not suited to forwarding by parcel service will be collected from your premises.

 Reimbursements must be effected within 30 days. This term begins for you with the forwarding of your notification of withdrawal or return of the goods delivered, and for us with receipt of said notification or returned goods.


Should you wish to withdraw from the contract, you can use this form, fill it in and send it to us.